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Who is it for?

The Community of Scholars welcomes Honors students and non-honors students who would like to live with fellow motivated and engaged student leaders.

Why should I join?

Community of Scholars focuses on ensuring that every student finds an opportunity for engagement through participation in a variety of programs that promote interaction with other students, faculty, and staff.

As a member of the Community of Scholars, a student will have access to a broad range of academic and social experiences — from engaging with world leaders on a variety of subjects to enjoying donuts with the various faculty and staff. The goal is for members of the Community of Scholars to become life-long learners as they aspire to live a balanced life of academics, wellness, and leadership in their communities and society beyond the University of Kentucky experience.

Students in this distinctive community will be directly involved in the development of programs by planning and participating in roundtable discussions and programs such as “open mic” Nights, film nights, hikes to the Red River Gorge, podcasts, and drum circle, to name a few.

Admission to the Community of Scholars does NOT reflect admission to the Lewis Honors College.


Donovan Hall, Haggin Hall, Johnson Hall & Lewis Hall

Contact information

Kondwani Phwandaphwanda (