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Living on campus offers several advantages to college students. Research confirms that on-campus living contributes to easier acclimation to college life and greater academic success. At the University of Kentucky, it is a fact that students who live on campus tend to have higher GPAs and are more likely to graduate on time.

Proximity to campus resources is one of the primary reasons students enjoy living on campus. It makes sense. If academic buildings, libraries and other campus resources are nearby and convenient, students are more likely to utilize them. Living in UK’s residence halls means having greater access to study materials, tutoring services, professors and advisors, and friends. Mental health support and nutritious, reenergizing meals are only minutes away from their doorsteps.

When the University of Kentucky transformed its campus housing the living spaces were intentionally designed with flexible spaces that can be easily modified to meet the changing needs of students and campus. Tri-It was introduced to address the increased demand among both new and returning students to live on campus. The implementation of Tri-It allows us to keep more students on campus where they will be better supported and have a greater chance for success.

What is Tri-It?

Tri-It is a three-person suite in certain residence halls. A portion of our two-bedroom, two-person suites have been reconfigured to house three students by adding traditional bunk beds in one of the bedrooms. The Tri-It suites are offered at a discounted price to provide more flexibility to students in terms of pricing options and community building while also meeting the ever-growing demand among students to live on campus.

Tri-It suites will be offered again as a living option for the 2024-25 academic year. Our Tri-It suites are ideal for students wishing to live in three-person roommate groups in our newer residence halls or for students and families looking for campus accommodations at a lower price point.

Erin Yates studying on laptop in top bunk of Tri-It space

Even though I’m in a bunk bed here, I still think all the amenities I have are so much nicer than other schools. At most colleges, dorm rooms are a little bit older and I know that most of our spaces at UK are very new. I really like not having to share a bathroom with the entire floor.

Erin Yates
First-year resident in bunked Tri-It space
Diagram for Three-Person Modified Two-Bedroom Suite

Bedroom 1 (Bed A)

Single person bedroom with full-size XL bed: students in this space will receive more than $500 in savings for the year compared to the original two-bedroom suite rate.


Bedroom 2 (Bed B and Bed C)

Two students bunked with twin-size XL beds in the same bedroom will each receive more than $2,000 off the original price for the year compared to the original two-bedroom suite rate. Each student in Bedroom 2 (Bed B and Bed C) will have a four-drawer dresser for storing belongings and a desk with a chair.

Tri-It rates can be viewed on the Rates page, which currently reflect the Fall 2024 - Spring 2025 room rates and are subject to change pending review and approval by the UK Board of Trustees.

Ben working at his desk in single Tri-It space

One good way we've made Tri-It work is, as buddies, we talk a lot. We talked before we even moved in and so we pretty much had a lot of it figured out. They already knew who would be on the the top bunk and the bottom and we talked about who was bringing what. Just communicating a lot. If somebody's too loud at night, we let them know. We all respect what each other wants. We're having a good time and it's like a constant sleepover almost.

Ben Hartline
First-year resident in single Tri-It space

TRI-IT Frequently Asked Questions

Do the Tri-It suites contain all the same amenities as other room types?

All three students living in the suite two-bedroom suite will share a common area and a bathroom. Bedroom 1 (Bed A) will contain a full-size XL bed while Bedroom 2 (Bed B and Bed C) will have twin-size XL beds that must be bunked. Bedroom 2 will include bed rails for the top bunk and a ladder. Each student living in the Tri-It configuration will have a four-drawer dresser for storing belongings and a desk with chair.

View a video tour of a Tri-It space here



If I select a Tri-It suite, will I receive the discounted rate for the entire academic year?

If you live in the Tri-It suite for the entire year, the discounted rate will be applied both the fall and spring semesters. However, if you move to a different room type, your room rate will change to the price of the new room type.



Is the Tri-It suite safe for students?

Yes. The University of Kentucky puts the student and their safety at the center of every decision. The Tri-It room layout was created by professionals who are experts in safety and design. Additionally, the design was submitted to and approved by the fire marshal. Bedroom 2 of the Tri-It space will include bed rails for the top bunk and a ladder.

View a video tour of a Tri-It space here


If you are adding an additional student to a bedroom that typically houses a single student, won’t the living space be cramped?

When UK transformed campus housing, the residence halls were intentionally designed with flexible living spaces that are easily modified to meet the changing needs of students and campus. Additionally, we have paid close attention to how we purchase and place new furniture in the room so we can maximize space and ensure the greatest possible flexibility.

View a video tour of a Tri-It space here

What residence halls have the Tri-It suite as a room option?

The Tri-It suite is a room type offered in the following residence halls: Ball, Blazer, Chellgren, Haggin, Holmes, Jewell, Lewis, Pigman, Woodland Glen 4 and Woodland Glen 5. Click here to view more information about a specific residence hall.

Can UK Campus Housing provide additional furniture in the common area of the Tri-It configuration?

Over the summer, a communication will be sent to all occupants of Bedroom 2 of the Tri-It suite giving them the option to remove one desk set (desk with chair) from the space. This option is offered with the goal of creating more open space in Bedroom 2 if the occupants prefer. However, both students living in Bedroom 2 must agree to have the secondary desk set removed. Additional furniture (chairs, tables, dressers, etc.) cannot be added to the space once the secondary desk set is removed.


Can students living in the Tri-It configuration request a third chair for the high-top table in the common space of the suite?

Typically, students use the common area space to store belongings and/or as an alternative place to study. The high-top table and two chairs already provided in the space are not intended to serve primarily as a dining table but as a shared space for working, studying or more. There are collaborative study spaces ideal for group work and community kitchens in each residence hall. UK Dining facilities are designed for students to comfortably socialize in groups over meals.

If I am assigned to the Tri-It suite, will I have to live there for the entire academic year?

Spaces in other room types and residence halls may open as the academic year progresses and students’ circumstances change. So, while it is possible, it is not guaranteed that you will be able to transition to a different room option. Keep in mind that if you do choose to move, you will be responsible for the cost of the new room rate. If you love your living arrangements in the Tri-It program, you can stay right where you are and you will not be asked to move unless you request a room change.

What if I need more information or my question is not answered here?

Please contact UK Campus Housing at 859-257-1866 or and our staff will be happy to assist you.