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Move-Out Guide

A step-by-step checklist of the move-out process along with examples of frequently charged items can be viewed in Residence Life's Move-Out Guide for Students and Families

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Damage Appeals Process

  1. Student rooms and furnishings must be returned to their original condition at the end of the spring semester, or whenever a student moves out. If a room requires restoration or repair before it can be assigned to another student, the cost for this work will be billed to the immediate past residents of that room. The work may include painting, repair to walls and ceilings, and the repair or replacement of furnishings.
  2. When students move into any room, they will fill out an online Room Condition Report (RCR) indicating the condition of specific items in the room at move-in. Students should carefully examine their room and make certain that the Room Condition Report for their room is accurate.
  3. When students move out of their room, the room will be inspected by Residence Life staff members who will note any changes in the condition of the room on the same Room Condition Report. The student will then be charged for the cost of returning the room to its original condition.
  4. Students charged with room damages will receive an email notifying them that they have a damage charge. 
  5. Students can review damage charges and submit an appeal by visiting the Housing portal.
  6. All appeals will be reviewed after the appeal deadline.
  7. Students will receive an email if an appeal is approved or denied.
  8. Any damage charge refunds will appear on the student’s account.

How to File a Damage Appeal

We understand that receiving a damage charge can be concerning. To ensure a fair and transparent process, we have outlined the steps for filing an appeal below:

Notification of Charges

If you have incurred damage charges, you will receive a detailed notification via your UKY email address.

Appeal Period

Residents must submit appeals by the following deadlines: 

  • Fall term appeals must be submitted by March 1.
  • Winter term appeals must be submitted by March 1.
  • Spring term appeals must be submitted by June 1.
  • Summer term appeals must be submitted by October 1.

It's important to act promptly within this timeframe. Scroll down this page to view a complete list of possible charges.

Damage Appeals Process in myUK

Step One

Visit the myUK portal at and log in with your linkblue username and password. Then, navigate to the Campus Housing portal:

  1. Student Services tab
  2. myInfo tab
  3. Campus Housing tab
Damage Appeal Form in myUK

Step Two

Once in the Campus Housing portal, locate the Damage Appeal section.

04 - Damage Appeal Form

Step Three

Complete the Damage Appeal Form.

Damage Appeal Submitted in myUK

Step Four

Once the form is completed, don't forget to hit submit. The next screen should confirm your appeal was successfully submitted.

After Filing the Appeal

Review Process

The UK Housing Damage Appeals Committee will begin reviewing online appeals after July 1. Please note, appeals cannot be made over the phone or via email. 


The committee will thoroughly review all related documentation and respond to your appeal via the email address provided.


For any queries regarding the appeal process, please reach out to with "Damage Appeal - [Your UKID]" as the subject line. We are committed to ensuring a fair process and are here to assist you with any concerns you may have.

Inquire About an Appeal


Cleaning bathroom: $30/hr
Bathroom - door $425.00
Bathroom - shower (curtain rings) $5.00
Bathroom - shower head $15.00
Bathroom - tile Request quote
Bathroom - toilet paper holder $30.00
Bathroom - toilet seat $30.00
Bathroom - towel bar $30.00


Cleaning bedroom: $30/hr
Cleaning bedroom carpet: $30/hr
Bed - mattress (full) $282.00
Bed - mattress cover $47.00
Bed frame $198.00
Cable - outlet $50.00
Carpet - tiles $20.00
Ceiling $90.00
Chest - two drawers $156.00
Desk $144.00
Desk - chair $108.00
Door - bedroom $500.00
Door - bedroom lock (all hardware) $250.00
Door - closet $150.00
Doors - closers (all) $155.00
Light - ceiling fan global $50.00
Smoke detector (damage or removal) $134.00
Window - blinds $105.00
Window - blinds cord/wand $10.00
Window - glass Request quote
Window - limiters (each) $10.00

Common Area

Cleaning common area space: $30/hr
Bar chairs (each) $90.00
Coffee table $90.00
Couch $498.00
Dining chairs (each) $82.00
Dining table/bar table $178.00/$166.00
Door - exterior to hallway $1,080.00
Door - exterior to hallway lock (all hardware) $400.00
Entertainment center $210.00
Evacuation plan/Plan holder $8.00/$20.00
Kitchenette - cabinets Request quote
Kitchenette - countertops Request quote ($2,500.00+)
Kitchenette - sink and faucet Request quote
Lounge chair $294.00
Microwave/microwave plate $266.00/$50.00
Mirror $150.00
Recycling bin $10.00
Refrigerator/micro-fridge $1,137.00/$485.00
Room number plate $85.00
Side tables (each) $84.00
Smoke detector $134.00
Thermostat $125.00
Vanity countertop/cabinet $200.00/$400.00
Vanity sink and faucet Request quote

Kitchen - Upperclass Housing

Boyd Hall and University Flats only
Cabinets Request quote
Countertops Request quote
Dishwasher Request quote
Disposal Request quote
End tables Request quote
Microwave $300.00
Refrigerator $600.00
Remote control $10.00
Sink and faucet Request quote
Stove $502.00
Television Request quote
Washer and dryer Request quote


Trash removal (one 55-gallon bag minimum): $30/hr
Large item removal: $30/hr
Wall/ceiling (Command strips/nail, hook or sticker removal): $30/hr
Wall/ceiling (holes over 12") Request quote
Wall/ceiling (holes up to 12") $90.00
Wall/ceiling (LED lights along one wall) $150.00 
Wall/ceiling (LED lights for entire room) $300.00 


Keys (interior room key replacement) $35.00
Keys (mailbox replacement) $15.00