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Who is it for?

Any transfer student at the University of Kentucky.

Contact information: Jimmie Jones (

Two female students walking in front of Boyd Hall

Why should I join?

The Transfer Year Experience (TYE) provides incoming transfer students a community as soon as they step foot on the University of Kentucky campus. The program is designed to support transfer students through their transition to the university and connect them with fellow students, faculty and staff for additional support.

Students who participate in the Transfer Year Experience will engage in events with fellow transfer students focused on helping get students engaged in the larger campus community, including student organizations and student employment opportunities. TYE also provides students opportunities to connect with faculty and staff focused on supporting transfer students at the University of Kentucky.

Students in the Transfer Year Experience will take a UK201 course during their fall semester. The purpose of this course is to provide transfer students with additional guidance and skill development during their first year at the University of Kentucky.