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Confirmation Deadline Extended

The University of Kentucky is extending its confirmation deadline to May 15 for first-year incoming students who wish to enroll for the fall 2024 semester. This extension is due to federal delays associated with important financial aid information. (This deadline does not apply to international students or transfer students.) We will closely monitor other deadlines that may be impacted by this extension, including the housing application deadline, which remains June 1.

How does my student apply to live on campus?

We recommend viewing the following pages to learn more about the housing application process and important deadlines:

Before You Apply

How to Apply

After Applying

What is a Living Learning Program (LLP)?

Participation in a Living Learning Program will have a wide-reaching and positive impact on your student’s overall experience. Immediately, they will be connected with other students who are like-minded and share their interests. Students are immersed in smaller group settings with faculty who help them feel more connected to UK and who will enhance their academic experience. The decision to join an LLP will also determine where on campus your student will live and who they might choose as roommates. Learn more about the Living Learning Program at UK here

Can the UK Campus Housing application be edited after it has been submitted?

Yes! However, there are deadlines for some pages such as the LLP application/offer pages. Please note individual section deadlines within the Campus Housing and Dining application.

What is the process for choosing a roommate?

There are multiple options for choosing a roommate:

  • Known Roommates – If a student knows a specific student they would like as their roommate, both students can choose to be included in the roommate search within their applications.  To search for a specific student, use the “Search for Roommates by Details” option once applications are completed. We recommend viewing our Preferred Roommate video.

  • Suggested Roommates – Students can choose to be included in a roommate search within their application and can see a list of suggested roommates based on profile match percentage. Only students eligible for the same rooms (i.e. students in the same LLP) will be suggested. For students who do not have preferred roommates in mind, we suggest watching our video for Finding a Roommate at UK.

  • Room Selection – Once room selection opens, students can see available rooms along with the profile of any student who has already selected another space in the room (provided that student has not chosen to keep their details private within their application). To learn more about Room Selection and view instructional videos, please click here.

When will my student find out where they will live on campus?

Your student will be emailed a window of time to participate in Room Selection. The dates and times of the time slots are based on when your student completed their Campus Housing application. The Room Selection process gives students the ability to choose the room in which they want to live. 

New Living Learning Program (LLP) students must accept their offer to participate in LLP Room Selection. You can learn more about the Room Selection process and view step-by-step instructional videos here.

What if my student cannot find the room type they are looking for during Room Selection?

If a student is having trouble locating a certain room type within our system, it may be because those room types have all been filled and are no longer available to select. Students are welcome to check back within the Campus Housing portal of myUK as often as they like to see if other students change their minds and release their preferred room type. There can be no guarantees that this will occur, but it does happen occasionally as students solidify their plans for the fall semester.

My student is having trouble adding their roommates to their selected room. What does this mean?

This could mean several things. 

  1. The student has not created and verified their roommate group within the Roommate Requests section of the housing application in myUK.
  2. The student has selected roommates outside of their LLP. REMINDER: Students participating in an LLP are expected to live with another student in the same LLP. To check that the roommates are members of the same LLP as your student, log into myUK and visit the Roommates Requests section of the housing application. Once there, your student will be able to view other students' chosen LLPs. If you discover that any of the students within your student's created roommate group do not belong to the same LLP,  your student will need to use the Roommate Matching feature within the Housing portal to search for students who are also members of their LLP. Each student’s chosen LLP can be seen when  viewing their information.
  3. If you have confirmed that both of the above items have been correctly completed, please reach out to UK Campus Housing for assistance by emailing or calling 859-257-1866. 

What if my student has already selected a room in an LLP but they have changed their mind?

The Room Swap function within the Campus Housing portal of myUK allows incoming LLP students to view available rooms to move themselves into a new space. This function is ideal for students who have already chosen their room or bed space within an LLP and would like to change rooms or choose new roommates. Students can swap rooms as many times as they like up until their Room Selection window closes. 

If my student is planning to participate in an LLP and does not have a roommate in mind, can they still select their room during Room Selection?

Yes. Students are not required to be in a roommate group to participate in Room Selection. When your student's assigned time slot opens, they can still select a space without first selecting a roommate. Only rooms available to your student and those students in their specific LLP will be visible. If your student is looking at a specific space, they can hover over an occupant’s name with their mouse to view more information about that student to determine if they would be a good match as a roommate.

If my student has changed their mind and wants to join an LLP, what should they do?

If a student has decided to join an LLP after they have selected their room during Room Selection, they should first make sure they have applied to the Living Learning Program by May 15 and officially accepted their LLP offer by May 22. With the exception of the Community of Scholars LLP, students participating in a Living Learning Program are expected to live with other students in that same LLP. Students will need to log into myUK and return to the Roommate Requests section of the Housing portal to use the Roommate Matching feature. This feature allows students to search for other students who are also members of their LLP. Each student’s chosen LLP can be seen when viewing their information. More information about the Living Learning Program at UK can be found here

What if my student has changed their mind and no longer intends to join an LLP, what do they need to do?

If a student no longer intends to participate in an LLP, they must officially decline their LLP offer within the Housing portal of myUK before May 22. Once the offer has been declined, the student will automatically be released from the LLP room assignment and receive a new time slot to select an appropriate space during non-LLP room selection beginning the week of June 3.

Are residence halls staffed 24/7?

All residence halls are staffed by resident directors and resident advisors. Each front desk has a staff member monitoring the lobby area 24/7.

I have decided to live off campus this fall and my apartment complex or rental company has asked me to provide proof I’ve been asked to move-in early by my organization (sorority recruitment, band, athletic team, club, etc.). What should I do?

Some off-campus housing complexes and rentals may ask you to provide proof from UK that you are required to move in early for fall semester. If you belong to an organization (sorority recruitment, band, athletic team, club, etc.), you may have been asked to move in prior to UK’s official move-in date. Please note that not all organizations may require students to move in early.

  • You belong to an organization and know you’ve been required to move-in early: Please use the direct communication you’ve received directly from the organization (from an official UKY email account) and provide it to the complex or rental company as evidence you’ve been asked to arrive early.
  • You belong to an organization and are unsure if early move-in is required: Please reach out to the organization and ask for a formal request to be sent from an official UKY email account. Again, not all organizations may require students to move in early and you would need to contact your organization’s representative to find out.