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Are residence halls staffed 24/7?

All residence halls are staffed by resident directors and resident advisors. Each front desk has a staff member monitoring the lobby area 24/7.

How does my student apply for housing?

You can learn more about applying for Campus Housing here.

What is a Living Learning Program (LLP)?

LLPs are our not-so-secret life hack. Participation in a Living Learning Program will have a wide-reaching and positive impact on your student’s overall experience. Immediately, they will be connected with other students who are like-minded and share their interests. Students are immersed in smaller group settings with faculty who help them feel more connected to UK and who will enhance their academic experience. Learn more here

Can the UK Campus Housing application be edited after it has been submitted?

Yes! However, there are deadlines for some pages such as the LLP application/offer pages and room swap. Please note individual section deadlines within the Campus Housing and Dining application.

What is the process for choosing a roommate?

There are multiple options for choosing a roommate:

  • Known Roommates – If a student knows a specific student they would like as their roommate, both students can choose to be included in the roommate search within their applications.  To search for a specific student, use the “Search for Roommates by Details” option once applications are completed. 

  • Suggested Roommates – Students can choose to be included in a roommate search within their application and can see a list of suggested roommates based on profile match percentage. Only students eligible for the same rooms (i.e. students in the same LLP) will be suggested.

  • Room Selection – Once room selection opens, students can see available rooms along with the profile of any student who has already selected another space in the room (provided that student has not chosen to keep their details private within their application).

When will my student find out where they will live on campus?

Your student will be given a time slot that will be used to select their room.  The dates and times of the time slots are based on when your student completed their Campus Housing application and whether they applied or received an LLP offer. The Room Selection process gives students the ability to choose the room in which they want to live. You can learn more about the Room Selection process here.