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Our Living Learning Program is intentionally designed to include high-impact practices centered on the interests of our students: majors and areas of study as well as career goals that blend rich experiences both inside and outside of the classroom. Residence Life has collaborated with our academic partners and other student success partners to complement the classroom experience.

What is the Living Learning Program (LLP)?

The University of Kentucky provides a residential academic experience commonly referred to as the Living Learning Program. The Living Learning Program is an umbrella term for all the communities within it, including Living Learning Communities and Residential Colleges. In all of these communities, students can live with other students who share like-minded interests or similar academic majors.

Students who accept an invitation to a Living Learning Program will be expected to room with another student who is part of that same program. If a student wants to live with a particular roommate, that roommate must also have accepted an invitation to the same LLP and each student must have requested each other as a roommate. It is very important to the success of the LLP that students live with other students who are involved in the same experiences, classes, and activities.

Studies show that participation in an LLP can lead to:

  • Increased GPA

  • Successful and steady progress toward degree

  • An increased sense of community, even in a large university

  • Engagement with faculty, staff, and students

  • Participation in connected courses and academic experiences

In addition, students involved in the Living Learning Programs are retained at higher rates, are more engaged in university life, adjust more quickly to the academic demands of college, and have FUN while doing so.

All information found on the LLP website is focused on the Living Learning Communities for the 2024-2025 academic year. All current students should email with any questions.

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Level Up in a Living Learning Program

Student headshot, Lauren Reitman, senior

I lived in the Healthcare Living Learning Program. I absolutely loved it because almost all of my friends in my classes also lived in my residence hall with me. We were able to walk to and from class together as well as study together, and then go take a break and eat dinner at The 90, and then continue studying with them. What was also really nice about that is we could share notes. When we were studying, it was really helpful to see someone else with a different perspective from my own personal notes.

Rainbow mural painted on the side of building

Audre Lorde Social Justice

Blazer Hall
Two female agriculture students collecting water samples from creek

CAFE Agriculture Community

Woodland Glen IV
Professor leading class in the College of Communication and Information

CI Connect Community

Jewell Hall
Creative Arts students gathered around a dance studio

Creative Arts Living Learning Program

Holmes Hall
Female student with male professor looking at machine

Engineering Living Learning Program

Pigman Hall
First-generation students holding "Welcome Baldwin" sign

First-Generation Scholars

Chellgren Hall
Students standing in front of Bradley Hall

International Village

Blazer Hall
Nursing students chatting during lab simulation

Interprofessional Healthcare Residential College (IHRC)

Woodland Glen V
Holmes Hall Lobby

Leadership and Service

Holmes Hall
Two female students walking in front of Boyd Hall

Transfer Year Experience

Boyd Hall

How to Apply to a Living Learning Program


After you have been accepted to UK, apply to an LLP by following these four steps:

  1. Submit your UK Housing and Dining Application and Contract in myUK by May 15
  2. Preference up to three LLPs within your application
  3. You will receive an LLP offer via email
  4. Accept your LLP offer in myUK by May 22

How to Accept or Decline the LLP Offer

To accept your offer follow the steps below:

  1. Visit myUK portal.
  2. Select the Student Services tab.
  3. Choose Campus Housing under the myInfo tab.
  4. Choose Undergraduate Application.
  5. Select your Fall 2024 and Spring 2025 housing application.
  6. Click on LLP Offer.

Student headshot, Briana Johnson, sophomore

I'm in the Creative Arts Living Learning Program and we're all the creatives. There's a business one. There's a health one. In the Creative Arts LLP, we have art spaces. We have writing studios, music practice rooms, dance studios. Each LLP has something that creates a very specific, unique, and fun community.