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Who is it for?

The Martin-Gatton CAFE Living Learning Program (LLP) is open to all first-semester freshmen at the university, specifically those with interests surrounding agriculture, food (from growing to digestion), and environment (from sustainability to natural resources). 

Contact information: Rebecca Dobbs (

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Two female agriculture students collecting water samples from creek

Why should I join?

Students who participate in the LLP will have early access to mentorship opportunities, along with opportunities to engage with their peers over the summer and as soon as they step foot on campus. Students will also have opportunities to attend LLP-only events, including study sessions, pizza at The Arboretum, community service projects, etc. 

While all members of this first-year program will enjoy the same benefits and community, some events and projects will be specialized based upon students’ personal preferences and career goals. 

The Martin-Gatton CAFE LLP focuses on four main pillars: 

  • Academic Transition: helping students navigate the transition from high school to college while developing an understanding of agriculture, food and the environment. 

  • Values and Relationships: developing the tools necessary to think critically, test personal values and beliefs, and form lasting relationships with fellow Wildcats 

  • Community Engagement: applying new knowledge, skills and personal values to understand the importance and benefits of campus, local, and community engagement.  

  • Professional Growth: learning the important issues and needs that exist in agriculture, food and environment and what it means to lead as a professional in these industries. 

Students living in the Martin-Gatton CAFE LLP must enroll in a corresponding section of AFE 100: Issues in Agriculture, Food and Environment. This is an introductory course requiring critical analysis of the major social, economic, political and scientific issues in agriculture and related disciplines. 

In the spring semester, students may choose from a menu of connected courses organized by the LLP Director. The available courses will be relevant to students’ interests and career goals.