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Before Moving In Big Blue Move-in Appointments will begin in June 2024

1. Discuss what you plan to bring with your roommate(s) to avoid bringing duplicate items.

2. What size sheets do I bring for my bed?  

  • Bring TWIN Extra-Long linens for Baldwin, Donovan, Ingels, Johnson, Roselle and Smith halls, and if you are assigned to Bedroom 2 of a Tri-It room 
  • Bring FULL Extra-Long or QUEEN linens for Ball, Blazer, Boyd, Chellgren, Haggin, Holmes, Jewell, Lewis, Pigman, University Flats, and Woodland Glen IV and V.

3. Use our What to Bring/What NOT to Bring handout to guide you when making purchases or deciding what to pack or leave behind. 

4. Pack items in plastic bins or containers rather than cardboard moving boxes.  

5. Purchase a parking permit and select a dining plan. 

6. Visit the Interactive Map, which will be updated and made available closer to move-in, to determine your best route to campus on move-in day.  

7. Download and print your Hall Code Card and Route Map from this website once available. 

8. Remember to consistently check your UKY email address and this page for important deadlines and reminders. 

Hall Code Cards

Hall Code Cards will be available during Summer 2024.  

Before leaving your place of residency on move-in day, make sure you do the following steps: 

  • Print your Hall Code Card. Your Hall Code Card is a sign for your vehicle to help traffic personnel direct you to your residence hall.  
  • Place your Hall Code Card either in the upper left-hand corner of the windshield or hang from the review mirror. 
  • Make sure to fill out the information on your Hall Code Card so that if any issue arises, volunteers and UK Staff can contact you. 

Route Maps

Your move-in route map will be available during Summer 2024.  

  • Move-in is a busy day, and while move-in volunteers will be available to direct you on campus, we recommend having a digital or printed copy of your Route Map with you. The Route Map includes the specific roadways and directions to arrive at your building safely and efficiently. 




What to Expect 

Upon arrival to campus, you will notice our Wildcat Welcome Team directing traffic, unloading vehicles, and guiding you to your parking area after unloading. These volunteers are here to greet you and provide assistance during your 30-minute Move-In Appointment.  

Disability Resource Center 

If for any reason you need further assistance with move-in due to a disability or have questions about move-in accessibility, please call the Disability Resource Center at 859-257-2754


Preparing for Move-In

Here you will find answers to come common questions relating to preparing for Big Blue Move-In. 

What is a Move-In Appointment?

Your Move-In Appointment is a designated 30-minute window of time for you to arrive at the unloading area during fall move-in. The purpose of the appointment is to minimize traffic delays and maintain efficiency throughout the move-in process. All students MUST select a Move-In Appointment. Appointments will be available between 9 a.m. and 4 p.m. EST each day and will provide you a 30-minute window to unload your vehicle on move-in day. Only a limited number of appointments will be available at each time slot, so we strongly encourage selecting your appointment as soon as possible.

How do I schedule my Move-In Appointment?

You will log into myUK ( using your linkblue username and password. Once logged in, please follow these steps to select your Move-In Appointment:

  1. Select Student Services
  2. Select myInfo
  3. Select Campus Housing to be taken to the housing portal
  4. Select My Forms
  5. Complete required forms and select Move-In Appointment

Reminder: Only dates and times will be visible to you based on your residence hall, Living Learning Program and any other applicable group or organization. Only a limited number of appointments will be available at each time slot, so we strongly encourage selecting your appointment as soon as possible.

If you have questions about Move-In Appointments or are unable to attend any of the available time slots, please contact Campus Housing at or (859) 257-1866.


Am I allowed to bring others to help me and may I use more than one vehicle on move-in day?

We don’t limit how many vehicles you bring to campus; however, we do ask that only vehicles needing to unload pull through the receiving line of your residence hall’s unloading zone. For students who live within three hours of campus, we recommend limiting items to only those that are necessary to get settled in your space. The more items or vehicles you bring could cause congestion and delay the move-in process for you and other students.  

What if I am moving in by myself without the help of friends or family?

Don’t worry! We will have an entire crew of volunteers called the Wildcat Welcome Team supporting you during Big Blue Move-In. Our Wildcat Welcome Team will be composed of current UK students, faculty and staff as well as “true blue” alumni and UK partners. The volunteers will be wearing Wildcat Welcome Team t-shirts, so you can easily find them! We will also have carts available to help move your belongings into the residence hall. You can also email before your arrival to let us know you will be arriving by yourself and we can ensure a volunteer is there to meet you.  


Will I need Personal Property Insurance if I live on campus?

Click here to view more information about insurance coverage while living in campus housing.

What if I have a disability or condition that requires accommodations during move-in?

Please contact the Disability Resource Center at 859-257-2754. Office hours are business days from 8 a.m. - 4:30 p.m. EST

What dining facilities are open during move-in, what are the hours of operation?

See the UK Dining website for more information:

Dining Locations - University of Kentucky (


What if I need to move in earlier or later than August 18-21, 2024?

To participate in the popular K Week events, incoming students must be officially moved in no later than Wednesday, August 21. 

 If you have questions about Move-In Appointments or are unable to attend any of the available time slots, please contact Campus Housing at or 859-257-1866.